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    Vintage Stretchy Banana Hair Clip

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    👩‍🦰Create a stunning hairdo in a blink with this classic stretchable banana clip!


    • User-friendly Banana Hair Clip
      A classic, ultra-versatile hair clip featuring a stretchable double comb design that can be effectively manipulated into various looks in a swift. It’s smart double insert style also provides more hold and secureness for your locks while leaving it in a neat, well-styled ‘do. Furthermore, this hair accessory can even help you in instantly achieving a more voluminous, dashing hair look.


    • Non-Slip, Comfortable Wearing
      This smart banana hair clip is equipped with a sturdy, toothed structure from each comb that gently glides through the hair. It successfully fixed your tresses up away from your face without scratching the scalp or pulling. Moreover, it has a powerful elastic band which allows it to be stretched around even the thickest of hair. It even provides a mini band at the end to lock and prevent it from constantly slipping even as you run, walk, jump or any other excessive movement. The classic clip is lightweight and it can be worn all day long and night without causing breakage, hair falls, discomfort and even headaches. 

    • Easy Application
      Not only effortlessly hold your hair, but it can be also worn and taken off anytime with so much ease. Simply hold the banana clip with both hands, stretch it out and position it to your hair then slide the teeth of both combs toward each other at the same time. Once done, hold the interlocked comb steady and secure it by lokcing the mini band and you're good to go. You don’t even need a mirror anymore when doing different stunning updos!

    • Widely-Used
      Can be easily played with to create various hairstyles. Perfect for a neat or messy cozy ponytail, lovely updos, elegant braids, and more possibilities. The banana clip can be used for work, school, dates, parties, galas, events, yoga, running, cycling, exercise, swimming and such. You can even wear it when washing your face or doing makeup and retouching to take off annoying strands from your face. 

    • Suitable For All Hair Types
      Made of high-quality metal material that can withstand daily wear without snapping or breaking. It can hold different hair types for both thin and thick locks, including curly hair, wavy hair, straight hair, coily hair and more. Suitable for girls and ladies of any age. A great gift for mothers, daughters, sisters, girlfriend, wife, friends, and colleagues. 


    • Size: 7.8 x 3.8cm
    • Color: Black, Navy, Light Blue, Pink, Beige


    • 1 x Vintage Banana Hair Clip OR
    • Luxury Hair Clip Set
      • 5 x Vintage Banana Hair Clips