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    Double Eyelid Tape

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    Your eyelids tape may be giving you that tired, sad, aged look.

    double eyelid tapes

    If you have this problem, there is a way to disguise it without having to undergo surgery. 

    double eyelids tape


    Blepharoplasty contains several risks, such as deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications, and anesthetic risks, such as anaphylactic shock, and changes in heart rate and blood pressure.  

    Look Beautiful with Double Eyelid Tape

    With the Lift Eyes Patch, your eyelids will look beautiful and youthful in just 5 seconds.

    eyelid tape double sided

    Now you no longer need surgery, or expensive and painful treatments to have beautiful, youthful eyelids. You'll look decades younger, looking young and beautiful.  

    Look younger with Double Eyelid Tape

    Droopy eyelids make you look “older”. But you don't have to worry anymore. The Invisible Fiber of the Eyelid Lift Patch will make you young and beautiful again.


    • Natural Lift  – Gently supports and shapes the eyelids to give them a natural light, making them brighter and fuller;
    • Makeup  – Can be used with makeup;
    • Easy Application  - Easily apply the tape on the eyelid, without pain and suffering;
    • Comfortable and Invisible  - Does not interfere with daily activities. The tape is almost invisible;
    • Anti-allergic – it has natural quality material in its composition. Does not contain latex. Better than creams;
    • Long-lasting  – A single application can last a whole day, resistant to sweat, water, and movement.
    double eyelid tape

    Don't worry, the stickers are extremely thin and transparent. That way, they don't come off easily and aren't visible.


    ✅ Clean well above the eyes, with cotton or wet scarf, eliminating fats and dirt (any oiliness, makeup remnant, or dirt will cause the glue to have a weak grip and function improperly);

    ✅ Look in the mirror, mark the fold line you want, and test it by lightly squeezing it with tweezers until a crease appears;

    ✅ Remove the tape with the tweezers, then, with the eye half-open, place the tape in the crease of your upper eyelid;

    ✅ Stick the tape starting from the inner corner, pressing lightly with the “Y” applicator and slowly opening your eyes.

    double eyelid tape