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    Rechargeable Electric Foot File

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    Rechargeable Electric Foot Callus Remover

    Calluses are hard, painful areas of skin that often develop on feet in response to pressure or friction. This occurs when the skin tries to protect an underlying area from injury, pressure or rubbing. They are not dangerous but can cause irritation and discomfort. This is why the foot file plays an important role in standard pedicure procedures. 

    foot callus remover

    Comfortable and Fast Foot Electric File

    Our rechargeable electric foot file is a motorized callus remover that is capable of sucking up dead skin shavings while in use.

    callus remover on foot

    Rechargeable Foot Callus Remover

    Its microdermabrasion head runs at a high speed able to remove calluses and dry and cracked skin. We installed a Vacuum absorption system in order to suck up the residue during filing. You can take it wherever you go thanks to the rechargeable batteries and small size.

    electric foot files

    Features of Foot Callus Remover:

     we have integrated a vacuum cleaner that sucks dead skin;

    • High Power: the micro-abrasion head at 2000 rpm;
    • ¬†Integrated with a vacuum cleaner that¬†sucks dead skin;
    • Rechargeable Battery: perfect for taking it wherever you want and using it wherever you go;
    • Immediate Results: Instantly removes dry, dead skin and calluses annoying you from the heels, and soles of the feet. You can also use it for your hands
    • Pedicure perfect feet without going to the salon:¬†Show off your feet without any embarrassment.¬†
    foot callus remover

    How to use foot electric file:

    • Feet must be dry
    • Choose which of the two heads to use based on how big your calluses are
    • Shift attempts in regular steps on dry and dead skin, applying light to medium pressure.
    • Continue with regular steps until the dead skin is removed and your feet are soft as silk
    • Stop if your skin becomes irritated or inflamed
    • Use in subsequent sessions as long as the feet have hard dry skin.
    • The duration of treatment is different for each individual and depends on how much pressure is exerted on the feet during daily activities, exercise, and shoe fitting.


    • Shape Material:¬†Plastics
    • Size:¬†6.89 x 6.1 x 2.95"
    • Color: White


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