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    Teeth Colour Corrector Serum Technology: Your Pathway to a Brighter, Healthier Smile

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    Experience the Evolution in Teeth Whitening: Illuminate Your Smile Like Never Before✨🦷

    The secret to our innovative teeth whitening solution begins with the principles of the color wheel, where purple and yellow sit as counteracting hues, balancing each other out.

    By applying our uniquely purple formula onto your teeth, it effectively counters the yellow undertones, unveiling a perceptively brilliant and brighter shade of white.

    Remarkable, isn't it?

    Our Teeth Colour Corrector Serum elevates your smile by leveraging the power of color-correcting technology. It adeptly counteracts the varying shades in your teeth, cleverly masking stains, and enhancing overall brightness.

    • Leverages Color-Correcting Technology
    • Gentle, Non-Invasive Brightening Treatment
    • Formulated with Natural Ingredients
    • Delivers Deep Cleansing
    • Promotes Teeth Whitening
    • Ensures Fresh Breath
    • Helps in Cavity Prevention


    ✔️ Infused with Xylitol: Works to protect your teeth, prevent stain buildup, and deliver refreshing natural mint flavors.
    ✔️ Hydroxyapatite Minerals, the strongest substance in the body and makes up 97% of your tooth enamel, help to strengthen your smile.
    ✔️ Employs Purple Pigments: Specially chosen to reflect yellow tones as a whiter shade, the optimal color choice for our innovative whitening complex.
    ✔️ Boosted with Vitamin E: Promotes overall oral health.

    Ever heard of purple shampoo for hair? Now, imagine that technology applied to your teeth!

    Our Teeth Colour Corrector Serum works on the same principle of color correction that starts with the color wheel.

    Purple and yellow are complementary, sitting opposite each other on the wheel. By applying our serum's unique purple formula onto your teeth, it neutralizes yellow undertones, unveiling a perceptibly brighter shade of white. Fascinating, isn't it?


    We've discovered the optimal shade of deep violet purple, specifically engineered to counterbalance yellow hues

    Our Teeth Colour Corrector Serum's unique blend of two water-soluble dyes seamlessly neutralizes any shade of yellow, revealing a brilliant smile, all without leaving a trace of residue behind.


    Is the Teeth Colour Corrector Serum Compatible with Veneers, Caps, Implants, Bridges, or Bonded Teeth?

    The Teeth Colour Corrector Serum is completely safe for use on dental restorations, given its non-abrasive whitening method. However, we recommend focusing its application on natural teeth, as they are the primary beneficiaries of the color-correction process.

    We always recommend consulting with your dentist prior to use, to ascertain the product's suitability for your unique oral health needs.

    How Does the Teeth Colour Corrector Serum Function?

    The Teeth Colour Corrector Serum harnesses the power of color-correcting technology to enhance the aesthetic of your tooth color

    The formulation is carefully crafted with a balanced blend of two water-soluble dyes, resulting in a deep violet tone.
    color corrected teeth covered in v34 and home teeth whitened

    Introducing a Revolutionary Approach to Smile Brightening: Harnessing the Power of Color Correction Technology.

    Use our Teeth Colour Corrector Serum post-whitening treatment, as a daily enhancer, or before special occasions for that extra sparkle in your smile.

    Ingredients List:

    Sorbitol, Xylitol, Glycerin. For Tooth Repair: Cocoa, Xylose, Nano Hydroxyapatite (NHAP)

    Package Contents:

    • 1 pc * Teeth Colour Corrector Serum
    • Approximate Product Size: 12.23.1cm
    • Approximate Package Size: 12.53.4cm



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