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    Experience Lustrous Black Hair with Natural Black Fruit Dyeing Cream

    Transforming your hair color can be a thrilling change. However, the concern over harsh chemicals in dyes often holds many back. We present to you the ultimate solution

    - our Black Fruit Dyeing Cream. This innovative cream caters to those seeking a vibrant, natural black hair color, devoid of any damaging chemicals commonly found in traditional dyes.

    A Revolution in Hair Coloring

    Our Black Fruit Dyeing Cream stands apart in a crowded market of hair coloring products. It’s the blend of modern science with the goodness of nature that sets it apart.

    Natural Ingredients: Harnessing Nature's Palette

    Our cream is a concoction of natural fruit extracts and botanical ingredients, carefully curated to ensure the rich black hue you desire, while being gentle on your hair.

    Free from ammonia and harmful chemicals, it’s safe for regular use.

    Achieve the Perfect Black Hue

    Our dyeing cream not only covers gray hair effectively but also provides an intense and lasting black hue.

    Whether you are looking to dramatically change your hair color or enhance your natural black hair, our cream yields consistent, salon-quality results.

    Nourishment & Shine: Beyond Ordinary Dyeing

    Unlike conventional hair dyes that leave your hair dry and lifeless, our dyeing cream is enriched with moisturizing agents to ensure your locks remain silky, smooth, and lively.

    Application Made Easy

    The creamy texture of our dyeing cream guarantees easy application. It spreads evenly, ensuring every strand is covered precisely, making professional-looking results achievable at home.

    Step-by-step Guide to Using Black Fruit Dyeing Cream

    Here’s a simple guide to using our product for the best results:

    Prepping Your Hair

    The Importance of Glove Usage

    Before you begin, make sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands.

    Applying the Dye

    Ensuring Even Distribution

    Unscrew the cap, attach the comb, squeeze out the dye, and apply it evenly on your hair from root to tip. The comb ensures every strand is evenly coated.

    The Waiting Game: Patience Yields Results

    After application, allow the dye to sit for 30-40 minutes. For first-timers, or those with a lot of gray hair or harder hair texture, extending the dyeing time may yield better results.

    Rinsing: The Final Step

    Rinse your hair thoroughly with water or shampoo once the waiting time is up.

    What's Inside the Package?

    The package includes one piece of Black Fruit Dyeing Cream to give you the luxurious black hair you desire.

    Tips for Best Results

    Picking the Right Shade for You

    Though our cream provides a rich black hue, exploring our other shades like chestnut brown or dark brown could also be exciting.


    Our Black Fruit Dyeing Cream is more than just a hair dye; it's a gentle, natural, and effective solution to achieving the black hair you’ve always desired. Its easy application and nourishing formula make it a standout choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Is the Black Fruit Dyeing Cream suitable for all hair types?

      • Yes, our dyeing cream is suitable for all hair types.
    2. How often can I use the Black Fruit Dyeing Cream?

      • It's safe for regular use, although the frequency may depend on your hair growth and color retention.
    3. Does the dye come off easily when washing?

      • The dye is designed for long-lasting color retention, although the longevity may vary based on individual hair type and maintenance.
    4. Are there other colors available apart from black?

      • Yes, we also offer chestnut brown and dark brown shades.
    5. Is there a specific shampoo I should use after dyeing?

      • While a color-safe shampoo is recommended, it's not mandatory. Our dye is formulated to be resilient even with regular shampoos.