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    ­čöąPremium 2024 Sock-Style Ball of Foot Cushions for Women

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    Thoughtfully Designed: Introducing a unique ball of foot cushion for both women and men, ingeniously crafted by combining non-marking socks and metatarsal pads. This innovative product functions as a sock while providing exceptional forefoot cushioning and a secure, anti-slip design.


    Metatarsal Pad for Pain Relief: Experience the breathability, softness, and comfort of these innovative forefoot pads designed for women, expertly crafted to alleviate forefoot pressure and reduce walking fatigue effectively.

    Optimal Fit & Comfort: Our metatarsal pads, designed for both men and women, are crafted from premium cotton to ensure superior foot comfort. The forefoot area is enhanced with additional cotton for exceptional cushioning, while the sock-like design conforms to the foot's shape. The non-slip sling design ensures the gel pad remains securely in place on the ball of the foot.

    Seamlessly Discreet in Shoes: Opt for these sock-style metatarsal pads to not only effectively alleviate forefoot pressure and minimize soreness but also enjoy their discreet, low-profile design. These aesthetically pleasing, no-show liner socks with built-in ball-of-foot cushions are versatile, compatible with a wide variety of shoes and perfect for various occasions and activities.

    Prioritize Foot Health: These metatarsal sleeves deliver outstanding cushioning and effectively minimize pressure on the ball of the foot. Try them out and experience the comfort for yourself or share the gift of foot relief with someone special. Add this item to your cart with confidence and invest in the well-being of your feet!

    Weight: 25g

    Material: Breathable Ice Silk

    Color: Black/Beige

    Size: fit for 5-10


    3/6/10 pairs * Sock-Style Ball of Foot Cushions