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    Outdoor Warm Electric USB Heating Scarf

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    Stay cozy and stylish this winter with our innovative Electric Heating Scarf.

    Designed for both men and women, this thermal shawl is not just a fashion statement but a functional accessory for those chilly days.

    About This Item: 

    • Three Temperature Settings: Our heated scarf offers three levels of warmth, customizable with a simple button press. Whether you prefer a gentle heat or something more toasty, you're in control.
    • Easy to Use: Equipped with a USB cable, the scarf connects to any power source, including power banks and car USB ports. Simply press the control switch to adjust the temperature.
    • Thoughtful and Convenient Design: The scarf is adjustable for the perfect fit around your neck, offering a snug and comfortable experience. It's an ideal gift for loved ones who appreciate a mix of comfort and technology.
    • Elegant and Durable: Featuring a chic zipper design, our Electric Heated Scarf is both fashionable and robust. Washable and foldable, it's a practical choice for everyday use.
    • Healthy and Safe Heating: With a gentle warmth that’s secure and evenly distributed, the scarf promotes neck relaxation without the risks associated with traditional heating wires.


    Why Choose Our Heated Scarf?

    • Versatility: Perfect for outdoor sports, winter commuting, or just relaxing at home.
    • Universal USB Interface: Compatible with various USB-enabled devices for easy heating.
    • Wrist Relaxation: Experience soothing warmth, especially beneficial for those with neck discomfort.


    • Color Variety:

    Available in black, gray, white, champagne, and brown.


    • Luxurious Material:


    Made of soft imitation rabbit hair for maximum comfort.


    • Optimal Size:

    Measures approximately 80 x 11 cm (31.5 x 4.33 inches), perfect for wrapping snugly around the neck.


    • Lightweight Design:


    Weighs just 150g, making it easy to wear for extended periods.


    • Safe Working Voltage:

     Operates at a low 5V for safe and efficient heating.


    • Effective Power Usage:

    Works at a power of 10W, delivering just the right amount of warmth.


    • Adjustable Temperature Settings:

    Features three settings for personalized comfort - red (60°C), blue (55°C), and green (45°C).


    • Power Source Compatibility:

    Compatible with any 5V2A mobile power supply (Note: mobile power supply not included in the product).


    • Packing List:

    Includes 1 electric heating scarf per package.