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    Instant Hair Shading Powder

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    Effortlessly conceals thinning hair, bald patches, and scalp visibility within a mere 30 seconds, offering an ideal solution for all your hair loss concerns!

    Amplifies hair volume 5X & instantly conceals gray roots for a youthful look!

    Just puff on some Instant Hair Shading Powder for an immediate youthful and vibrant appearance!


    This powdered mineral pigment perfectly blends with the natural hair, making it an amazing beauty secret! Bring it anywhere for those emergency touch-ups during parties, or night-outs.


    Enhances and shapes your hairline effectively. Achieve full hair coverage in just 30 seconds.


    • Instant Hairline Coverage:
      Provides immediate concealment for your hairline, filling in thinning and bald spots with naturally blended results.

    • Multifunctional:
      Acts as a hair root concealer, hair color enhancer, and even as a neck and contour powder.

    • Simple to Use:
      Just use the included puff to apply the powder to the desired hair area.

    • Safe and Organic:

      Comprised of a non-toxic, organic formula that won't harm your hair. Made with natural keratin hair fiber, it's free of parabens, sulfates, and peroxide.

    • Water-Resistant:
      Thanks to its sweat-proof formula, this powder ensures durable, long-lasting coverage.
    • Compact Design:
      Equipped with a mirror and puff for on-the-go applications, anywhere, anytime.
    • Portable & Versatile:
      Its compact size, similar to a small cosmetic powder, includes a mirror, making it perfect for purse storage and instant touch-ups on the go!

    Product Specifications:

    ngredients: Natural Keratin Hair Fiber

    Shelf Life: 4 years

    Net Weight: 4 grams